Book Excerpt 2

Book Excerpt 2

Been turning over. In my mind. The vegetable garden. And what will happen in it. While we’re away. In Vermont. Nooooo vegetable garden. For three weeks. While Meg takes care of her father. And the farmers’ market. In Nancy’s and Bob’s town. Does not allow dogs to accompany their humans. While shopping. Humph.

But I’ll play with Sophie. And maybe the black bear will visit. At night. The baby finches nesting. In the bird feeder. Though. Will be long gone. By the time we arrive. Meg and I will pick blueberries. And raspberries. Take walks down the lane. I’ll chase Williethecat. Maybe. He might be dead. Nancy says he has cancer. Of the jaw. After hearing the DIAGNOSIS she drove. Over a curb.

I hope the doe and her spotted fawns visit the yard. And snack on Nancy’s apples. I’ll bark at them. My friendliest rrrrruff. Maybe I’ll try putting my head. On Bob’s lap. Again. A bit of a risk. Meg will cook vegan meals. Nancy told him. Right in front of us! Mind you. Just before leaving. That while she’s away. If he wants meat. Then he’ll have to go out. For lunch. With his friends. For hotdogs. Ooph! Does Nancy know hotdogs cause cancer? Consider the animals’ suffering?

Anyhoo I’ve never seen a hotdog. Pretty upsetting. People eating dogs. They do that. In Korea. Meg knows. And all through Asia. There the meat markets have piles. Of them. With sad faces. Crammed into stacked metal cages. Peeing and shitting. On one another. Their muzzles taped shut. No food. No water. Dogs watching other dogs die. While waiting. “In EERIE silence,” says Meg, “to be killed.” On a hike. In the mountains. Near Seoul. She saw a man burning fur. Off a dead dog. In the middle. Of the trail. With a blow torch. Before he ate it. Maybe hotdogs look like that! Makes me go all rubbery. And slack.