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★★★★★ Who better to speak on the importance (planetary and humanitarian) of a plant based diet than a vegan dog named Dori? The Dog Who Ate Vegetables and Saved the Planet is most likely, unlike anything youve read before. It is both a story and an appeal, in which the protagonist, a white boxer named Dori, asks her readers to remember what the truth of eating meat truly is; inhumane, unneccessary, planet-taxing murder. READ MORE>>>

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CLAREMONT— Local author Meg Hurley’s “The Dog Who Ate the Vegetable Garden and Helped Save the Planet,” written from the point of view of her dog, Dori, urges everyone to stop eating meat. Dori sets the example: having been converted to veganism, she cheerfully raids the Hurley’s vegetable garden, mowing down everything but the peppery arugula. READ MORE>>>

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The Dog Who Ate the Vegetable Garden & Helped Save the Planet by Margaret Hurley is narrated by a cheeky vegan dog named Dori who uses humor, memoir, science, and history to make a case for the most direct and simple way to reverse environmental destruction and mass extinction. READ MORE>>>

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Tom Ryan isn’t the only New Hampshire author writing about dogs. Although in Claremont writer Margaret Hurley’s case, the anthropomorphized canine is her co-author.

The Dog Who Ate the Vegetable Garden and Helped Save the Planet is narrated by Hurley’s boxer, Dorothea, who, as the title suggests, likes to eat vegetables and is kind of full of herself. The extent to which a reader engages with Dori’s account of her owner’s activism on behalf of the vegan diet, animal liberation and other causes is likely to be in direct proportion to the reader’s interest in those causes. Dori “writes” in short sentences, the kind of thoughts one might imagine a dog would have, if one were deeply invested in imagining a dog’s thoughts. The book was published earlier this year by Guernica World Editions. — Alex Hanson 9.6.19

New Book Tells Dog’s Zany, Real-Life Story to Spread Compassion for All Animals

Margaret Hurley wants the world to know two things: Eating animals is a major cause of environmental degradation worldwide. And it is deadly for trillions of animals yearly. READ MORE>>>

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Alum Mary Bergherr painted the book cover art for Canada’s oldest indie press Guernica Editions’ new release the Dog Who Ate the Vegetable Garden & Helped Save the Planet.The book is narrated by a zany, charming, and opinionated vegan dog who goes on a riff about the intersections between eating animals, environmental collapse, racism, and sexism. READ MORE>>>